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Heads gone. Properly fucking losing the plot here.

Oh, Helen. It kills me every second of every day that we don’t talk to one another. You were not only my girlfriend but also my best friend. I did not let you into the secret diary that is my tumblr page. Not yet anyway. But if I did, maybe you could understand in the slightest how much you meant to me.

Too little too late

Honestly? I think people will only take my depression seriously when it’s too late.

Go - go - go - go, get out - get out of my memory

I find myself browsing suicide websites. Not for methods don’t worry. Just to see how other people who have come to a point in their life where they see suicide as an option post their stories and their problems. It is such a sad, cruel and unfair world we live in.

*reads about someone being murdered*

*search facebook for them*

*browse through pictures*

*now understands why they were murdered*